Saturday, July 01, 2006

Luna: Star & Stripes

It's 100 degrees here today. Too hot for much of anything except to lie around where my moms are hanging out. They are watching a tivo of Star Jones on Larry King Live. My mom Louise has been a tv talk show producer so she likes to keep up on all the latest. She predicted Star Jones was history on The View the minute they hired Rosie O'Donnell to replace Meredith Viera. In case you haven't heard, Meredith is replacing Katie Couric on the Today show. (We wake up to Today every morning and I never get fed until after Al has told us to check out the weather in our neck of the woods.) Anyway, getting back to Star, apparently Rosie had blasted her for not telling the truth about her gastic bypass. Star claimed to lose 150 lbs. in a few months by pilates and diet. Even I don't believe that! I'm not really sure what a gastic bypass is ....I don't think dogs have things like that....although Harvey often has some pretty bad gastric blasts. Anyway, Louise was saying something about needing a shovel if she continued to watch Star be so nice on Larry. I think she called her a ....was it...a witch? That's cause my mom worked with Star during the O.J. Simpson trial. Most people don't know my mom has a law degree. She told me she thought O.J. was "guilty as hell." That means he should be behind bars, wearing prision stripes. Harvey told me her went with our mom to Camp O.J. in Santa Monica during the trial. Wow that must have been fun! He thought O.J. was guilty too.

So, that's the discussion at our house today.....Star and stripes.....kinda fits into the holiday weekend, doesn't it?


Sara said...

This blog is going to be come a favorite - I can already tell from this fantastic post!

Toby and Stewie said...

Harvey and Luna,
We sure can relate to your blog. Our Mom spent all of GC and after glued to her computer reading your Mom Susan's blog and CoCo and Lenny's Mom's blog. But she's coming around now - found the ball under the cedar chest and remembered what the leashes are for. We aren't allowed to chew on cats - besides, they outnumber us.

Toby and Stewie