Sunday, December 30, 2007

Luna : We are devastated!

Tis the season to be jolly but there’s not much joy at our house this year. We have lost our beloved brother Walden and our hearts are full of great sadness.


He was almost 11 years old and he was a magnificent cat. One of his favorite things was to sit on our patio wall and survey the neighborhood. He was definitely the master of his domain.

He was also a mighty hunter and kept our yard free of nosey neighborhood cats, pesky mice and lizards. He would scare our Mom Susan with these “gifts” that he would proudly bring into the house and deposit in the bedroom.
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He loved nothing better than to hang out with us and our Moms.

Walden, or "Wal Dee", was a macho guy but he quietly tolerated the Moms penchant for dressing us up during the holidays.

He was especially fond of Harvey and would often curl up on a rug close to him after giving him a kiss on his ear.

He tolerated me. He would even play with me in the back yard sometimes. He would run and dash and then jump out at me from behind a bush. Other times I bugged him too much with my “puppy-ness” and he would hiss at me to let me know I had gone too far. Yet he always forgave me and let me share the couch with him.

Most of all, he loved our Mom Louise and his loss is very hard on her.

He was her "sweet baby boy kitty." He was the male kitty she always wanted. He was a very handsome chap with his white chest and paws. He was part Maine Coon and had fluffy, fuzzy fur. He also had a sweet, sweet disposition.

He and his sister (named Baby) were abandoned at 7 weeks old and miraculously, for them, made their way to her front door. She let them in and they made themselves right at home.

And Walden could make himself comfy almost anywhere.

He was street smart and brave. He survived a month on the streets after he ran away from Hope’s house. My Mom searched for him every single day and with the help of some friendly animal lovers, found him. He had traveled over two miles and was headed back towards our house. He slept on her chest for several nights after he came back home.

Walden loved to put his head up against my Mom's neck and cuddle. She told me that on his last day, he climbed up on her chest and kissed her cheek. I know Walden loved my Mom a lot gave her lots of joy and many fond memories. She misses him very, very much and so do I. She says we were very lucky to have known him and that he’s in doggie and kitty heaven now. I’m happy to know that ... but there will be a big empty spot in all our hearts without him.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's almost Christmas at our house ...

We haven't been doing very much blogging lately but now that Christmas is almost here we thought we'd post a few pictures to show that we're getting ready for the big day at our house. Here's our mom getting started dragging out all the stuff they drag out at Christmas ... there's really ALOT!

Including the nativity set (we're still waiting for the Little Lord Jesus Asleep on the Hay ... that doesn't happen until Christmas Eve) ...

And ALL the stuff that goes on the Christmas tree ... here's mom toasting a "job well done!"

And THEN they got out the camera to take pictures to go on the Christmas card this year. Harvey got stuck with the antlers ...

I got off pretty easy with the blue tinsel this year ...

But now that the whole place is decorated, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care and all that stuff, I'm ready for my long winter's nap ...

Just leave my presents under the tree, OK???