Friday, January 09, 2009

Juno: School Days, School Days!

So they're determined to make me into a good dog. And I really WANT to be a good dog ... I do. It's just going to take some work ... and so now I've got a teacher to help me figure it all out. Her name is Connie and she's got me doing a pretty darned good job with Lesson Number One:


So far so good. At least it was until today. Then they decided to make me learn something new. It's called:


As you can see, Connie is VERY patient with me ... and, after a little while -- well, after QUITE awhile, we started making some progress:

And then ... EUREKA! (By George, I think I'm getting it!)

So all's well that end's well.

It was a LONG day in class today, but at the end of it I got lots of loving and lots of "good dog" pats ... and then I finally got:


This working your brain stuff wears you out! (And rumor has it next time we're going to work on "STAY!" Stay tuned ...)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Watch Out, Rachel Ray!

Our mom got something called a "Cuisinart" for Christmas and it's making her VERY happy! Here she is this afternoon, making turkey soup:

We're thinking "A Star Is Born!" (Can the Food Network be far behind?)

How we spend a gloomy Saturday ...

Our moms have been busy putting away Christmas decorations and cleaning out closets and today is gloomy and cold and drippy out so we decided a game of tug-of-war would help break up the boredom.

They tried putting Juno outside by herself for awhile to calm us down, but -- as you can see -- that just resulted in some collateral poinsettia damage.
Meanwhile, I'm just trying to stay under the radar and out of the way ..
But now the house is tidied up, there are New Year's Roses on the coffee table and we're back where we're happiest ... each holding down our corner of the couch!
Happy Saturday, everybody! Put your feet up and relax, why doncha? It's totally working for us!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR ... from Luna & Juno!

The moms made it home from dinner last night in time to say "Happy New Year" to us ... and Luna joined in. (You can't really tell, but that's Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper in Times Square on the TV behind her!) Welcome to 2009!

This morning we've settled in to watch the Rose Parade ... and here's Juno in front of OUR "Best Float in the Rose Parade Award:"

From the State of Alaska, a float full of SLED DOGS!
Way to go, Alaska!
(We're like totally over your governor,
but we LOVED your float!)