Friday, June 30, 2006

Luna: I'm Ready for My Close Up, Mr. DeMille

This is my mom's favorite recent picture of me ... I was pretty much showing off how pretty I'm getting to be as I get bigger and grow into my ears (something not EVERYONE actually thought was going to happen at one point!). I think this is a pretty good angle for me -- the kind of sideways profile. What do you think?

Harvey: The Prodigal Returns

This is my favorite picture of me with our cat, Walden. My mom took it right after Walden -- who had been AWOL for nearly a month -- was miraculously found miles from where he had gotten lost. It was great to have him back home again -- and great for the mommies to pay some attention to US again instead of spending all their time looking for Walden. He just looks like he doesn't even know how much trouble he caused, all curled up there, doesn't he?

Luna: My First Baby Pictures

This is how tiny I was when my moms first saw pictures of me from Husky Camp -- the place where I was born with my ten brothers and sisters. My mom drove up there right after Christmas to pick me out -- she keeps telling me she picked the best one, but I think that's supposed to build up my self-esteem -- but I had to wait til I was bigger to come home with her.

This is how little I was when I came home from Husky Camp in February when my brothers and sisters and I all got adopted by different families. I was only ten weeks old when I came to live with my two mommies -- Louise and Susan -- and my big brother, Harvey, and our three cats: Birdie, Walden and Baby -- in our house in Altadena.