Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Juno: Recovering from Bath Day

My mom said just because I can't see doesn't mean I need to smell, but I really HATE getting a bath. Pardon me while I sleep off the trauma of it all!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So how's Juno doing?

Lots of folks have been asking it ... "So how's Juno doing?"

Well, she can't see -- but it's not slowing her down.
She's back up stealing Louise's chair:

(What??? You want your chair back????)

Dragging logs off the pile onto her bed to chew on:

(The dog with the most logs wins, right?)

And curling up on the couch at the end of her doggie day:

(Don't bother me! I'm sleepin'!)

Basically, she's a 16 month old puppy who's bizzy, bizzy, bizzy -- when she isn't sound asleep somewhere!
It's really pretty amazing how she finds her way around the house and yard with hardly a bump or a wobble. She's her happy, bouncy, tail-waggy self ... back to talking back in her bossy "get out of that chair and go get me a chewy bone" kind of way. (all good) She's also back to digging her way to China in the backyard ... (NOT so good!) ... but we're working on that.
She gets two sets of drops in her eyes twice a day and her ocular pressure checked once a month. We are SO grateful for all the good wishes and prayers, thoughtful emails and notes and especially for such great vets, vet techs and help from our favorite opthamology go-to-guy, Ruben.
So we're still bummed that she can't see. AND we're grateful, grateful, grateful for abundant blessings.
Here endeth the report on Juno!