Friday, December 30, 2011

On the 6th Day of Christmas ...

... our moms FINALLY got around to posting OUR Christmas pictures on our blog!

Okay, Okay ... We know they've both been really busy doing people things like production meetings and parties and church and movies and stuff, but now it's OUR turn.

We had a really great Christmas ... mostly because we got so much attention. Here's our mom Louise explaining to Luna that we're going to take turns opening presents this year and not just rip into them all at once.

You can see how that worked out:

Here's Juno with her favorite present ... the squeaky duck from Barbara & Steve. (Not sure if she's hugging it or guarding it, but she's cute):

And now here we are resting up after our post-Christmas baths. We don't particularly like getting them but we like how we feel afterwards ... and our moms like how we smell. ("It's like the dog version of new car smell" our mom Susan said.)

So half-way through the 12 Days of Christmas here we are to say:

[And to all a Good Night!]