Friday, April 20, 2007

Harvey: Rainy Days and Fridays ...

So it's a rainy day and since the moms can't be outside repotting plants (which was supposed to be the plan for this particular day off) they're stuck inside with two dogs and three cats and time on their hands ... which led to one of them noticing what they decided was an uncanny resemblence between ...

Sally Field as:

Harvey Brooks as:

(I hope the sun comes out soon!!!)

Friday, April 13, 2007

All Babies All the Time

Our moms were both home all day today -- that's kind of unusual in itself -- but they were also doing unusual things ... moving boxes and stuff out in their library/office. We knew they were serious when the CHRISTMAS boxes that have been sitting around for months finally migrated back up to the attic.

Turns out it's all about getting cleaned up for Jamie to come home on leave from the army ... our mom Susan wrote about that on her blog earlier today ... you can check that out here.

But -- as seems to happen alot around here -- the moms got distracted. Moving boxes around they found boxes of old pictures and then the cleaning stopped and the ooing and ahhing started. So just for fun we thought we'd share a few of the baby pictures they dug out ...

First of all were these totally cute pictures of Harvey:
Who ever imagined this little bitty guy ...

...with such big ears and gangly legs
would grow up into the stately hound he became?
(Not our mom Louise -- who thought
he was going to be "a medium size dog.")

And then there's me ... here's what I looked like
on the very first day they brought me home from Husky Camp.
Hard to believe?????
You haven't seen ANYTHING yet ...

Look what ELSE they found ....
.... this is our mom Susan
with her dog Admiral
about a bazillion years ago.
(Well, a really long time ago ... nobody's exactly talking!)

And here's our mom Louise ... what a cutie patootie ...
(circa Nineteen-Never-Mind)

... and the final entry in our "all babies, all the time" blog ...

... this great picture of a litter of puppies that belonged to
our Uncle Jud a really long time ago but our mom
held onto because it was so cute!

All together now:


Monday, April 09, 2007


Getting ready for Easter Sunday meant our moms were are church even MORE than usual ... hard to imagine, we know... but true! But things were looking pretty good over there on Easter Sunday and after having twenty-four services between Palm Sunday morning and Easter afternoon ...

... and after finishing up the last service on Easter Day ...

... and after saying "Happy Easter!" to about a bazillion people ...

... they finally came home to pay some attention to US! That's the good part. The "other" part is that for some reason known only to our moms whenever a holiday rolls around they succumb to the temptation to make us look "cute" which makes us feel STUPID ...
... Harvey would be "Easter Exhibit A":
(I just figure if I close my eyes it will be over soon.)

And then there's me ... I mean, honestly: aren't my actual ears big enough?

But wait a minute ... what's this?????????

It rolls around but it sure smells like there's something to eat in there ...

Can you open it for me ... please? Pretty please, please, please, please!!!

OK, OK ... it's a deal ... but just this once. Take the picture ... QUICK!

(The things I'll do for a Milk Bone!)