Monday, April 09, 2007


Getting ready for Easter Sunday meant our moms were are church even MORE than usual ... hard to imagine, we know... but true! But things were looking pretty good over there on Easter Sunday and after having twenty-four services between Palm Sunday morning and Easter afternoon ...

... and after finishing up the last service on Easter Day ...

... and after saying "Happy Easter!" to about a bazillion people ...

... they finally came home to pay some attention to US! That's the good part. The "other" part is that for some reason known only to our moms whenever a holiday rolls around they succumb to the temptation to make us look "cute" which makes us feel STUPID ...
... Harvey would be "Easter Exhibit A":
(I just figure if I close my eyes it will be over soon.)

And then there's me ... I mean, honestly: aren't my actual ears big enough?

But wait a minute ... what's this?????????

It rolls around but it sure smells like there's something to eat in there ...

Can you open it for me ... please? Pretty please, please, please, please!!!

OK, OK ... it's a deal ... but just this once. Take the picture ... QUICK!

(The things I'll do for a Milk Bone!)


Wendy said...

Looks to me like you guys have a pretty good life over there at casa de Brooks/Russell, so I wouldn't fuss too much about the occasional costume nonsense.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

CoCo and Lenny send their deepest sympathies to Havey and Luna for having to wear the Easter costumes. They got TONS of treats and didn't have to dress up for it. Of course, the two leggeds always make them "dance" for their treats, but, well, that's par for the course when you're a small dog.

Even so, the pictures are absolutely adorable.

Happy Easter!

Caminante said...

At least our hoomin doesn't dress us up. She knows we use claws if we don't like things. But she did let us have extra crunchies. (And she also brought home some unblessed palms as toys for us.)

Sophia, Aelred and August, the unholy three felines