Friday, January 09, 2009

Juno: School Days, School Days!

So they're determined to make me into a good dog. And I really WANT to be a good dog ... I do. It's just going to take some work ... and so now I've got a teacher to help me figure it all out. Her name is Connie and she's got me doing a pretty darned good job with Lesson Number One:


So far so good. At least it was until today. Then they decided to make me learn something new. It's called:


As you can see, Connie is VERY patient with me ... and, after a little while -- well, after QUITE awhile, we started making some progress:

And then ... EUREKA! (By George, I think I'm getting it!)

So all's well that end's well.

It was a LONG day in class today, but at the end of it I got lots of loving and lots of "good dog" pats ... and then I finally got:


This working your brain stuff wears you out! (And rumor has it next time we're going to work on "STAY!" Stay tuned ...)

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