Monday, July 03, 2006

Luna: Harvey Did It!

Last night our moms went out and left us with Reynaldo, the dogsitter. They went to the Altadena Country Club for the annual picnic and fireworks dinner. Because Harvey is such a wuss and afraid of any loud bang around the 4th, we had to have a dogsitter. How humiliating! I don't need a dogsitter to cramp my style. I'd have been perfectly happy to doze in the kitchen and harrass any cat that tried to jump off the counter....but oh no....we had Reynaldo watching every move. Harvey is such a baby! He curled up beside Reynaldo and acted as if everything were fine. tail!!!! Not to mention that Reynaldo sat on the favorite lounging spot these days. So, needless to say, I was bored. For fun, I snuck into the bedroom to see what my mom (I won't say which one always leaves her clothes and shoes all over the floor) had pulled out of her drawers and closet. She took at least an hour to find just the right red, white and blue ensemble to wear, so I figured lots of stuff got thrown on the floor in the process. I was right. I found a red sandal. Hummm....I wonder why she didn't wear this. I carried it out into the living room to see if Reynaldo was paying attention and would yell at me. He was watching tv. I hid the shoe behind the couch. Then I figured it was time for a stealth trip to the kitchen. Good, he didn't see me. I hoisted my front paws up on the counter to survey the territory. Not much. I was about to leave when I spied on the other counter....right by the toaster...on top of a few cookbooks, the bag from breakfast. The one that had donuts in it. We had stopped at the donut shop on the way home from the dog park. There was still a donut in the bag. I swooped up and grabbed it and heard a ker-plunck! It was the toaster. I had knocked it over. I was in for trouble. I peaked around the corner to see if Reynaldo heard the crash but he didn't. I think he was watching Nascar. Anyway, I ran into the back bedroom and devoured the remaining donut and most of the paper bag. Gosh, that just whetted my appetite! At about that moment, Baby, the ornery cat...who hates me....scampered into the bedroom. She took one look at me and let out her best growl. It sounds like a muffled lawn mower. I backed off. She's too unpredictable to mess with. She strolled out of the room, giving me a disctinctive, don't-ever-mess-with-me-again look. I was pissed off, to say the least. So I went over to her bed...which she never sleeps in by the way, and pulled out the sheepskin pillow. I tore it into a hundred little pieces. I showed her who is boss in this house. About that time, my moms came home. Reynaldo left and they fussed over wussy Harvey. Had he heard any fireworks? Was he upset? He was fine! Then they discovered the sheepskin massacre. "Luna you are a BAD DOG!" Oh, Oh, I was kicked out of the house. It didn't last long tho' because they think I'm too cute to punish me for long. Soon, I was back in and given a dog bone. What a life! And here's the best part, they didn't discover the donut was gone until the next moring. One of the moms said, "Oh, I'm sure Harvey ate it. He likes to jump up on the counter when we're gone." So, they think he ate it. Hee hee. This having a dog sitter didn't turn out so bad after all.

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