Sunday, July 02, 2006

Harvey: So What's Up With Fireworks?

So what's the point of fireworks, that's what I want to know. I know I have a bad rep in this family when it comes to loud noises but I just don't get it -- what's the point? Every year around this 4th of July thing and then around New Year's the humans in this neighborhood start blowing things up. Rumor has it they're at the top of the evolutionary ladder but on days like this I start to wonder.

Every time I turn around it's bang, crash, BOOM ... I'm trying to cope but they pretty much just drive me over the edge. I'm really working on this but it ends up getting on my last-dog-nerve (and yes, I AM on medication, thanks for asking) and something ends up chewed up, dug up or otherwise damaged, destroyed or altered.

I still feel bad about that garage door. And I know eventually the mommies are planning to get the molding around the kitchen door replaced -- and probably that window frame, too -- and the screen -- but at this point I guess they're figuring "he's old ... let's wait a while."

So I'm gonna try. Honest. But if you can step away from the bottle rockets then I can guarantee nothing will get hurt!

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Toby and Stewie said...

Amen, brother Harvey! Loud noises unhinge me, too. My Mom thinks it's because my first human tried to train me the wrong way and made me gun-shy, whatever that is. Anyway, that person just gave up on me and dropped me off on a highway. I hitch-hiked a ride to a place I didn't like much, but at least they took care of me while they tried to find my human. When they couldn't, another nice human gave me a ride in her car to my Mom's house to introduce us. We fell in love and the rest is history. When the loud noises start I go in the bathroom and lie down there until it's quiet again. You should try that instead of chewing on things - it really helps.

Your friend,