Monday, July 31, 2006

Luna: I'm Still Here!

She said it was the last straw and for a minute I thought she really meant it. It's not even like they even tasted that good or were much fun to chew but there they were ... my mom's new reading glasses right on the nightstand and she left me alone and bored while she went to take a shower and my OTHER mom was away at some retreat thing so there was nobody to play with and nobody to watch me and before I knew it there was a crunch-crunch-crunch and then a shriek-shriek-shriek and the glasses were history and I was SOOOO busted.

I mean, I was in REALLY big trouble ... this was MUCH worse than the garlic bread -- or even Jamie's going-away cake. I was out in the Gulag (that's what Harvey and I call the chain link dog run they put up for us) for a really long time when I overheard my mom on the phone ordering a new pair of glasses. Luckily for me there was some kind of warranty thing so I guess it could have been worse but for a minute there the conversation took an ugly turn when my mom started asking the reading glass lady if she wanted a dog. Cheap.

I figured she was kidding ... at least I HOPED she was kidding ... and I guess she was because eventually she took pity on me and let me out and fed me again and pretty much all was forgiven. And I'm going to try to be better ... I really am. But for now she's keeping the new glasses up on top of the bookcase which is really working out better for everybody concerned because they're still here ... and so am I!

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