Sunday, July 09, 2006

Luna: I Did the Crime, Now I'm Doing the Time

Does anybody know what "Indeterminate Sentence" means?

It started out as a pretty good day. My human brother, Jamie (who would rather be called "Jim" but my mom can't seem to remember that) was home on leave from the Army and since he's getting ready to go to somewhere called Kuwait, there was a going away party at our house. I like parties -- more people to pet me and more crumbs to pick up if I'm lucky. If I'd have settled for the crumbs it would have been OK, but no ... I just couldn't resist ... while they were all out on the patio there was that decorated cake in on the dining room table practically begging to be eaten ... and so ... well ... you can see what happened. I wonder how long "til hell freezes over" is?

1 comment:

Bruno said...

Oh My!!!

I know you probably are thinking "I left them half, so whats the problem?"

You are young and will come to learn in human circles it is best to wait till you are invited to partake of something (okay don't look to our president as an example).
I am sure your mommies will forgive you soon.