Sunday, July 16, 2006

Harvey: So How Fair is THIS???

I mean, really -- I know there are cat rules and then there are dog rules but these cats are out of control. We barely put our NOSE up on the counter to check out whether there's a scrap left for us to nibble on or some crumbs that need cleaning up and it's "OFF! -- Bad Dog -- Outside" and the next thing you know you're out in the noon day sun where everybody knows only mad dogs and Englishmen go willingly and I'm neither.

(OK -- I get a little crazy with the fireworks ... the whole world seems to know about THAT now, but I'm not exactly "mad" ... at least not in the mad dogs and Englishmen sense of the word.)

So I digress -- I'm thinking the occasional doggie nose on the counter is not NEARLY such a big deal as these cats who seem to think they own the world, jump on and off the counter at will and then hiss and swat at you when all you do is just walk by them minding your own business. Maybe we could get a little email letter-writing campaign going -- our moms seem to pay attention to those -- they're not paying a BIT of attention to us about this at the moment and I'm sayin' it's a justice issue.

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