Saturday, July 15, 2006

Luna: I don't ALWAYS chase the cats!

I think some people around here (who will remain nameless or they'll take this blog away from me) are suffering from some unrealistic expectations. I mean really ... I'm a puppy, OK? I know I've gotten pretty big and I kind of LOOK like a grown up dog but I'm not even EIGHT MONTHS OLD YET! All the dog books say you can't expect me to quit chewing things and being my wild child self for at least another six months or so.

That said, I wanted to share this picture as a ray of hope that I actually WILL settle down someday ... and as a case-in-point that I don't spend ALL my time chasing the cats (who deserve it some of the time, but that's for another blog) and that sometimes we just curl up and take a nice nap in the same place at the same time and nobody gets hurt. Or chased. Or hissed at.

All for now. Time for my siesta -- and since it's supposed to be 105 here in Pasadena siestas are the only thing on my agenda du jour -- it's already too hot to even muster up the energy to go looking for more shoes to chew!

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