Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A year ago today ...

... my mom drove up to Husky Camp and picked me out from my litter of siblings and I looked like this:

She said she picked me because I was the cutest and the best. My other mom was in Kentucky visiting my brother Brian and so she had to just see me in a cell phone picture to start with ... but what really matters is they picked me out of all the others and now here we are ... a year later ... living happily ever after.

Except for those Cole Haan loafters.

And YESTERDAY when we were at the Dog Park there were SIX OTHER DOGS there who had come from Husky Camp ... two from one family and four from another. We wished we'd had a camera with us so we could have gotten a picture ... "Husky Camp South" my mom said it looked like ... and we had a great time running and chasing.

So Happy Anniversary to me ... and to my moms for picking me out and for putting up with me. I'm a pretty darned lucky puppy!

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