Thursday, December 14, 2006

If they'd stuck to just decking the HALLS everything would have been fine!

This isn't my FIRST Christmas -- but last year I was a tiny puppy up at Husky Camp and so this is the first one I'm going to remember, so last night when my mom got home from work she sat down and explained to me that we were going to "Deck the Halls."

OK, I thought ... this will be interesting. (I had NO idea!)
. First they dragged a tree in from outside and stuck it up on the table and started putting lights on it. Kind of weird behavior, I thought, but around my house just when you think you've got them figured out they do something that doesn't make sense to a dog so I wasn't too worried.

Birdy, however, who is much older and wiser (she's pushing 14!) knew what was coming next and knew what to do about it: find a box and HIDE!

Walden didn't move fast enough and the next thing we knew they were decorating HIM! How humiliating!!

And Harvey was next! I don't know about you, but I figure if dogs were meant to have antlers we'd have grown them at some point ...

What were they THINKING????

So I said to Harvey, "Don't worry, buddy ... I've got your back on this!"And in the blink of an eye I snatched the offending antlers off his head ...

... and proceeded to render them harmless ... my way of saying, "Let the humiliation cease!"

So maybe I'll end up with coal in my stocking instead of doggie treats, but hey: I was raised to know a justice issue when I see one and this one was worth some civil-doggie-disobedience!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

From our little ones, Lenny and CoCo who are, even as I write this, chewing on what their Mommies thought waws their cute little stuffed antlers:

"Ho Ho Ho my doggie butt! Just give us some cookies and let's call it any another day."

Raccoon said...

I think I'm in love with Luna -- perfect combination of wonderful long hair, sharp teeth, and canine dignity. You go, girl!