Saturday, September 27, 2008

Juno: It's Just Another Saturday @ "Spoiled Dogs R Us"

So this is us in the "dog run" ... it's where the moms put us when they're at work or out shopping and aren't around to make sure we're not digging up something or getting into something we shouldn't be.

They call it the "dog run." We call it "The Gulag."

But wait ... what's that? Sounds like our car and our moms ... and what's that they have with them?

A new chaise lounge so we won't fight over who gets to sit on the old one! Yeah!

Luna checked it out first ... She always needs to smell stuff and take awhile to decide whether she likes something new or not.

Me ... not so much. I pretty much just dive in. So I grabbed my chewey bone and settled in ... while Luna wandered off ...

... though she did check back to see how I was doing a few minutes later.

I'm doing GREAT! Now, if I could just get someone to bring me one of those drinks with the little umbrella I'd be set for the afternoon!

Great idea, mom! (Can we get a Doggie Hot Tub next???)

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