Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From Luna & Juno: We're very sad at our house ...

The oldest and sweetest member of our family went to Jesus yesterday.

Birdie was over 16 years old and while that is VERY old for a cat, she sure didn't show her age when she was jumping up on the counter to get to her food or to get AWAY from us!

She just quit wanting to eat at all last week and when our mom took her to the vet it turned out she had a tumor and there was nothing they could do to make her better.
Here she is with our other brother, Walden, who left us last year ... we still miss him VERY much:

And here she is posing for her Easter portrait last spring.

She was a very sweet kitty and pretty darned patient with us when we got out of control running and chasing and doing what dogs do. One good hiss and a swat or two and we knew to back off ... and we did!
Here's one of the last pictures our mom took of Birdie ... on our Grandma's lap during her last visit to us last winter ...

We're all so very sad today but that's how we picture Birdie ... up in heaven on Grandma's lap ... with Walden and Harvey and Cody all somewhere close by.
We love you, Birdie. (And we'll try to remember what you taught us about not pushing our luck chasing cats, honest!)


Bruno said...

so sorry about your loss,
our prayers are with your family.
Bruno and Jerry

JCF said...

Condolences, Susan and Louise (et al!): she was a beautiful cat.