Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Luna: Long Time, No Blog

So it isn't that there hasn't been anything to blog about ... it's just that there hasn't been anything NEW to blog about. I've just been busy getting bigger and cuter everyday ... oh yeah, and chewing up stuff I'm not supposed to. But let's not get into that (unless you've got an extra Shop Vac filter lying around your garage you could let me have and get me off the hook for the one I shredded up this week -- bad choice, that one.)

On a happier note, we've also been going to the dog park a lot. My moms say it helps me and Harvey to run and get the ants out of our pants.

I'm not sure about that -- if I had any pants I would probably just chew them up -- but it IS fun to go run all you want and meet other dogs and their people.

When we first started going to the dog park, frankly it freaked me out. I mostly hid under my moms' feet and worried about the other dogs who wanted to come and play with me. They actually called me "The Omega Dog" which was kind of humiliating but it's hard to object too much when you're flat on your back hoping someone will scratch your bellly.

So here's the other thing about the dog park: the people. They're the best. Nothing like a park full of people who care enough about their dogs to bring them to the dog park and hang out with each other while we run around and chase each other.

We love the dog park. And it does seem to be cutting down on those ants.

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