Friday, August 04, 2006

Harvey: On Damage Patrol

There's no question I have the worst rep in this family when it comes to trashing things ... they're still withholding my allowance to cover the garage door, kitchen door molding and three window screens that were my fault. But I'm not the only one around here with some destruction issues and to prove the point I went on a little damage patrol mission yesterday. Exhibit A (above) is Miss "Butter Won't Melt in Her Mouth" Luna lounging under her latest masterpiece of deconstruction: they better not blame me for this one.

And then there was this crime scene: we don't even need to call in CSI on this one -- there's Walden hair all over this new hole in the front window screen. I think they should change his name from Walden to Houdini ... he seems to be able to escape from anywhere.

Some people think our moms are nuts to put up with us and some of those people are even in our own family. Before he left for Kuwait Jamie was shaking his head about some thing or the other one or the other of us had done and my mom said, "You must be wondering at this point why we put up with them." And he said, "No, actually I quit wondering that quite awhile back but I figure you must have a reason."

I'm not sure what the reason is but I'm sure glad they do!

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