Thursday, August 31, 2006


Like I said, I love the dog park and one of the things I like to do -- in addition to running, chasing, biting and jumping -- is listen to the people. It's amazing what they talk about when they think the dogs aren't listening ... not just about their work and the weather and what a lousy job the president is doing but sometimes they actually talk about interesting stuff: like us dogs!

One of the things I hear ALLLLLL the time when they're talking about dogs is "Iz-thata-wolf?" I finally figured out they were talking about ME! I guess I look more like a wolf than most of the dogs at the dog park even though I'm supposed to be a Malamute ... or at least that's what the Husky Camp people said we were.

So take a look at these pictures of some of my siblings ...

My mom had an AKC Alaskan Malamute before I was born (Cody ... she went to Jesus last November and my moms still miss her) and she says I'm actually a "Mala-Mutt" because there must be something else in there. So looking at my brothers and my sisters makes me wonder if maybe there WAS a wolf somewhere in the woodpile.
We are kind of a "wolfie-looking" bunch ... but my mom also found some stuff online about a kind of dog called MacKenzie River Huskies and after looking at pictures of them I think there just might be some family resemblence there, too ... Google them and see what you think!

And maybe I'll see you at the dog park one of these days ... I'll be wolfie looking one probably on my back getting my belly scratched by someone!

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Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Okay, I've now read enough to know that, as bad as Ollie was, you guys are much, much worse.

I take my hat off to Mother Susan. I am impressed with her loving tolerance.

I gotta tell ya - that wouldnt' be me. Ask Mother Susan. She was here, in this very house, and witness the fact that I had a fit when Ollie ate the money right out of my purse.

I am duly, unabasedly, completely, totally, impressed.

Love of your mother Louise is obviously a miraculous thing.