Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another New Year's Eve ...

... another trip down Colorado Boulevard!

Here in Pasadena the whole CITY gets ready for the Rose Parade ... and one of the things WE do on New Year's Eve day is go watch them all get ready!

So here we are ... ready for another Pasadena New Year's Eve Adventure!

And we're OFF!

The bleachers are set to go along Orange Grove ...

... and the Happy New Year stand at the corner of Colorado & Orange Grove, along with ...

... ALOT of other people in cars doing what WE'RE doing!

The museum has its Rose Parade outfit on ...

... and the news vans are all along the road putting it all the waiting-for-the-parade news on television.

Yeow! Our moms say these are the guys that give Jesus a bad name.

Caught in the rearview-mirror-act: snapping pictures down the Rose Parade Route!

These guys have the bundled-up thing figured out ...

And THIS lady gets the sound-sleeper award!

Here's another dog out for a look at the parade route with his dad ... we think he gets better grades in obedience class than we do!

The motorhomes are back ... we saw them last year, too. (Our mom says this is "the way to go.")

We liked these kids ... nothing says "Happy New Year" like signs duct taped to your face!

Dummy alert! Dummy alert! Not a real person! (Dogs know these things -- we're wondering if it worked to save their space on the sidewalk?! Oh well: nothing ventured ...)

WOW! We just drove 4.4 miles down from our house in Altadena!

"Out of the Closet" -- we like this place: they take junk you're not using anyway and turn it into money to help the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

And then it was off to La Canada where more Rose Parade stuff was happening ...

... building a FLOAT!

Pretty cool ...

... especially up close!!

These we couldn't get so close to, but they're still pretty ...

... all lined up in front of the Rose Bowl ...

... from Trader Joe's (we love their rawhide chewey bones!)

And we liked this fish one ... we'll be looking for it tomorrow when we watch the parade on TV from home ... which is where we're headed now.

And so on this Happy New Year's Eve ... Happy New Year's to All ...

... and to all a good night!

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PseudoPiskie said...

Happy New Year, Luna and Juno!