Sunday, December 27, 2009

4 Years Ago Tomorrow ...

... my mom came to Husky Camp and picked me!

She was just sitting here remembering how excited she was the night before when she knew she was going to go pick out a new sister for Harvey (even though she was still sad and missing my sister-who-went-to-Dog-Heaven before I was born, Cody.)

This is the picture the Husky Camp people put up of me on the website ... along with my other 10 brothers and sisters ... to find homes for us after we were born on Thanksgiving 2005. Can you believe how little I was?

(me @ 4 weeks)

So my moms liked what they saw online and since my mom Susan was in Kentucky visiting Jamie and Brian for Boxing Day, my mom Louise drove ALL the way up to Wrightwood (that's where Husky Camp is) to pick me out.

(me @ 6 weeks)

They had to wait a few more weeks to bring me home ... until I'd had my shots and they got me "fixed" (don't ask!) ... but here are some pictures of my first day in my family ... January 28, 2006 (and yes, it has been noted that my ears seemed to be growing faster than the rest of me was!):

But we were a match made in heaven -- I loved my new family and they loved me!

So four years later, I've gone from this ...

... to this! (See ... I actually DID grow into those ears!)


ana said...

Pretty dog!

Tracie the Red said...

You are so very beautiful!

:hugs you: