Friday, September 04, 2009

We're back!

We've been on blogging hiatus, here at harveyandluna, but we're back.
When LAST we weighed in, our moms were packing to leave for the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Anaheim. We missed them while they were gone but our Aunt Stasia took VERY good care of us.

Our job was to "hold down the fort" while they were gone:
As you can see, we did a VERY good job! (Well, at least we held down the couch!)

Everyone was home together for a couple of weeks and then it was VACATION time ... and the moms headed off to visit family in someplace called "Colorado."

There was SOME discussion about taking us along ... and we were game for an adventure. But the more they researched into the reality of road trips with dogs, the more they ran into things that looked like this:
So we stayed here holding down the fort again while they drove all the way to Denver and back.

Now, we DID find out that while they were there, they were "seeing other dogs" ...

Like our Uncle Fred's lab Lily ...

... and our cousin Fred's golden retriever Cooper. (Yep, two Freds on that side of the family. Kind of confusing -- but at least we can tell the dogs apart!)

But we're OK with that ... as long as they come back home to us! So they had a great visit and we did ANOTHER great job holding down the fort and couch.
WHILE they were gone, however, Juno came up with an owie in her eye. They thought it was a scratch or a foxtail or an infection of some kind, so they've spent the last two weeks chasing her around trying to get drops and ointment in her eye and going back and forth to the vet.

Today they took her to a specialist (doggie opthamologist) and it turns out it wasn't an owie after all ... it's GLAUCOMA!

And that's a really bad thing.

At this point Juno can't see at all out of her left eye and now we need to keep a VERY close eye on her right eye so the same thing doesn't happen to it. (Which unfortunately it probably will eventually because she's got something called a "genetic predisposition.") The vet said it could be a few months or a few years before another episode and the moms are -- of course -- totally bummed. In the meantime it will be more eye drops. And more vet visits. And lots of research on what to do to keep her as comfortable as she can be in spite of her eye problems. .

But at the moment, we're both resting comfortably ...
... and grateful for good vets and moms who take care of us -- no matter what.
. .
Stay tuned!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Glaucoma can be treated. That's the good news. Scary, but good news at the end of it. Mr. Lenny and Ms. CoCo send their love.

john said...

Susan, as you know, Cinders, my older cat, came down with glaucoma and eventually lost the sight of one eye. My vet gave me some drops - timolol maleate - which have stabilized the bad eye and have actually helped the good eye. She's adjusting to having just one eye and the vet is very optimistic that she has several more years of happy life.

They can treat this. Also, prayer helps. You and Louise and the dogs have mine.


Barbi Click said...

Hugs from Deb and me, licks and sniffs from Theo and Jak. I have had two blind dogs in the past twenty years. Sadly while they cannot see, they do adjust well to surroundings. One was a little poodle, Maggie Mae, who had absolutely nothing else wrong with her and lived for 17 years. The other...well, Rocco wasn't too bright and seemed to not realize he was blind. Both of them had cataracts. No financial solutions at the time. Both blind as they could be. But happy dogs...and loved. Luna has options and both of you. And all of us offering prayers. So, there is hope! :-)
BUT you really shouldn't have gone on the long vacation without them!!!!!!!! Jak and Theo are thinking you should have rented a RV!

RevMama said...

I have a double dapple dachshund who was born deaf and who went blind a few years ago. It was hard for me to deal with it at first, but it hasn't ever really bothered Harley. He gets around remarkably well, using his sense of smell and his whiskers, I think. And he can always find his food. Occasionally he runs into an obstacle, but he just backs up and tried a new direction.

When we moved into a new house, it took him a couple of weeks to figure out that there are 3 steps down from the back porch, but he manages them quite well now. We keep him away from the stairs, which means keeping an eye on him when we're all upstairs. And we carry him up and down the stairs.

It really is hard for us humans when something happens to our dog (or cat) friends. But they seem to adapt remarkably well.

Juno and all of her family are in my prayers. And Harley adds a "woof" of support too.