Saturday, September 26, 2009

Post traumatic veterinarian syndrome

A doggie-mom report from the Juno-battles-glaucoma front:

The drops-in-the eye thing is working MUCH better and her pressure is down in both eyes.

That's good.

Last night she had a droopy eyelid and her "third eyelid" closing -- both symptoms of further onset of acute glaucoma in her "good" [right] eye.

That's bad.

After a couple of hours at the 24hr-ER-vet last night and then a visit this morning to her doggie opthamologist, she doesn't appear to have any damage to her right optic nerve and got some new prescriptions to keep the pressure down. .
That's good.

The meds don't come in generic and -- of course -- aren't covered by any kind of insurance.
That's bad.

The saga continues but she's hanging in there and so are we. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!

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