Saturday, July 14, 2007

Now they think I'm a WOLAMUTE!!!

"What kind of dog IS she?"

That's a question my moms get about me ALL the time. One of them doesn't really care ... she just wants me to be the kind of dog who doesn't chew up shoes. The other is ... well ... kind of "focused" on figuring it out. (We've also heard the word "obsessed" bandied about but I'm going to use "focused" for these purposes.)

Anyway, some nice folks from the Dog Park, Barbara & Steve ... the parents of my friend Kenneth, the semi-retired-guide-dog ... put my mom onto this website about the WOLAMUTE ... a cross between a Malamute and a Timber Wolf. Some people call them "designer breeds" ... others call them "cross breeds" (there's also "mutts" but we won't go there) ... but whatever you call them even I have to admit there seems to be some family resemblance.

Here's one of the temperment descriptions from the site: "... a wonderful companion and although extremely willful and skittish, she is a sweet, and good humored pet. " My mom says "if the shoe fits wear it, don't chew it" and I think this shoe probably fits me pretty good.

And here's a photo of one of the Wolamutes ... Logan ... who just might be a second or third cousin, don't you think?

[photo @]

Well, whatever I am, I'm getting back up on the couch for my afternoon nap. It's going to be another hot one in Pasadena today and I'm staking out the prime nap spot before somebody else snags it!

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