Sunday, July 22, 2007

LUNA: All's Well That Ends Well

So while our moms were away on a trip to New York a couple of weeks ago we had a little adventure in our neghborhood. Harvey went to I Dig My Dog but I stayed home and kept the cats company and our friends Stasia and Kelley took care of feeding us and taking me to the Dog Park. (I love when the world revolves around your every need, don't you?)

ANYWAY, the adventure was finding this little beagle dog wandering around our neighborhood. She was old and practically blind and she ended up kind of bunking here for awhile while they tried to find her family.

Signs went up all over the neighborhood and Stasia and another Kelly ... the one who lives down the street ... made phone calls and checked websites and really knocked themselves out trying to find either her home or A home for Ms Blind Beagle.

It was a real problem because the Pasadena Humane Society wouldn't take her because they found her in Altadena and the other place they would have taken her would only keep her for five days (I don't want to know any more about that, just for the record!)

Finally, they found a beagle rescue group that was willing to take her ... but they were out of state and it would be a few weeks. SO ... in case you're wondering where the "all's well that ends well" part comes in: the foster family who agreed to take her in until the rescue people showed up fell in love with her and they are now living happily ever after.

So let's give thanks for people who love animals and take care of them -- especially when they can't take care of themselves.

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