Saturday, May 12, 2007


... to the best mom on the whole Animal Planet!

This is for our Mom Louise because Mother's Day shouldn't just be for the moms who have human kids who send cards and emails and flowers but for the moms of us animal kids who can't do any of that stuff but want their mom to know that WE know that we're the luckiest kids of all!!

From Harvey: With love and thanks for hanging in there with me even when I'm "high maintenance" and for giving me the gift of LOTS great dog park days in my dotage and for not counting the occasional anxiety attack against me!

From Luna: For telling me I'm the cutest pea in the pod and for letting me sleep on the couch even though it's against your principles and none of your OTHER dogs ever got away with behavior like that!

From Walden: With love and gratitude for not giving up on me when I was AWOL last year for a month and for not freaking out like Susan does when I bring home parts of things-formerly-alive and for giving me such a comfly place to nap.

And from Birdie & Baby: For keeping us safe and fed and warm and for yelling at Luna every single time she chases us (and that's ALOT) and for giving us baskets to snuggle and curl up in and for being ....

... the BEST MOM EVER!

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Patricia said...

Susan and Louise, Thanks for sharing Luna and Harvey experiences. I just sent your link to Sunny -- she just adopted a chiquaqua/dashund mix who is 9 months old and eating twice her weight every day. Her favorite chew toy is... anything