Saturday, November 11, 2006

Luna: In the News

When the first mommy gets up in the morning it's pretty much the same routine every day: put us out to "do our business," let in any cats who decided to stay out for the night, put on the COFFEE (an essential ingredient to mommies getting going in the morning, evidently) and then go out and get the newspaper ... at our house the New York Times.

It's ususally a pretty quiet time -- the mommies aren't real talkative first thing in the morning -- but yesterday when the paper came in there was a big "Woo Hoo." I'm not sure who the Democrats are or what a "midterm sweep" is but since we got an extra cookie-bone to celebrate I'm thinkin' it's all good.

And it's not just about the extra cookie-bone -- it also sounds like these guys are going to be smarter about getting that war finished so our brother Jamie and his friends can come home and I'm thinkin' that's VERY good.

So cookie-bones all around -- and prayers for those in harm's way wherever they are.

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