Saturday, November 11, 2006

Harvey: My Bad-to-Worse-to-Worse Day

Have you ever had one of those bad-to-worse-to-worse kind of days? Well, today was one of those for me. It was just one thing after another. It was bad enough that I gave into my dark side and stuck my head in trash can to try to get the empty dog food can out but then the stupid lid came off and got stuck on my head -- and while I was banging around in the kitchen trying to knock it off here comes one of the mommies with a CAMERA in her hand.

So not only am I caught in the act (no blaming this one on Luna!) I'm caught on the record (looking about as stupid as a dog can!) and then she goes and puts it on our BLOG so everybody can see (if it gets any worse than this I don't want to know about it!)

So now I'm going to go find a quiet corner and try to stay out of trouble for the rest of the day. (Note to self: step away from the trash can!)

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