Saturday, May 26, 2012

Long time/No blog

Yes, it's been awhile since we posted anything to our dog-blog ... not sure where the time goes but we seem to be busy all the time and our moms are even MORE busy than they should be. Anyway, this morning they were going through an old hard-drive looking for pictures for something (probably church related ... we're not sure!) and they came across these old pictures of Luna's mom & dad ... just before she was born.

Lunas' Dad: You can tell where she got her curiosity.

Luna's Mom: You can tell where she got her smile! 

Luna's Mom: Full of ELEVEN puppies!

Luna's first picture: 6 weeks old

 All grown up!

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JCF said...

I found this old blog, when I noted that you have a new dog, Betsy (and I remember that Juno sadly---years before her time---went to the Happy Hunting Grounds, too). Wish you'd update it sometime.

---JCF, a Person of Dog.