Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome, Theo!!!

Our moms' friend Elizabeth is celebrating a new dog in her family ... so we're celebrating, too! You can read about "Theo" here ... on Elizabeth's blog ... but here's a picture of him we found on her Facebook page:

Welcome to the world of "PD's," Theo. (And if you don't know what that is, it's the dog version of a "PK" ... Preacher's Kid.)

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Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Theo says, "Oh, wow! I have two new friends. Mama says they are on the 'Left Coast' so I'll probably only get to know them from their blog. I'm not sure what a 'blog' is yet, but I think my Mama will have to start one for me. I haven't met my brother Lenny or my sister CoCo yet, either or my other Mother Barbara. Right now, I'm just getting used to my new home and THIS Mama. This morning, she added 'Mighty Dog Lamb and Rice' to my kibble and I ate the whole thing right down. If I'm good, Mama says she'll add another teaspoon to my dinner kibble. And, I did see that she bought me a rubber toy, put some PB in it and put it in the refrigerator for later this evening, after our walk. So far, this lady is getting with the program. I'll keep working on her, but so far, she's very easy to train. The only rule she has is that I can't go into her purse and eat money. Sounds so strange. Why would I ever want to do that? Talk to you later, Harvey and Luna."