Saturday, November 13, 2010

It looks like it's time for the Canine Lean Cuisine

This is us doing what we do best: holding down the couch until our next meal:

One thing that will get us OFF the couch is the arrival of the new bag of dog food ... which means there are going to be PLENTY of "next meals" to come.

But wait ... what's this????? This isn't our REGULAR dog food.

"Overweight, Less Active Dogs" ????

How is that different than Fat, Lazy Dogs??? And what does that have to do with US????

We're thinking about being insulted by this revolting development but we're going to think about it for a little while and get back to you. After dinner.

1 comment:

Katie Sherrod said...

Mike and Molly think Toby might benefit from some of that food. Toby just yawned. As long as he can make it up on the couch, what's the problem?