Saturday, September 04, 2010

Long time, no dog-blog!

We've been very remiss in updating our dog's-eye-view of what's going on at Chez Brooks-Russell.

It's been a full, busy summer ... which started out with our Moms leaving us for a WHOLE MONTH for their "Excellent European Adventure." You can find out all about that here on this blog they did about their trip ... meanwhile we held down the fort with our Aunt Stasia and LOTS of toys.

But we were sure glad when they got back!

Once they got unpacked and over the jet lag, they decided to redecorate ... the PATIO!

So now we have like totally a whole new living room ... with even MORE furniture we're not supposed to get up on! YAY!!!

So as you can see, a "dog's life" at our house is pretty darned good. Juno still needs her eye drops three times a day but not being able to see has not changed her personality, her energy or her claim on the prime couch spot!

And Luna has pretty much perfected the "how can you say no to this face?" pose. (This is her in rampant begging mode while popcorn was being consumed during a recent episode of Mad Men.)

So we hope everything is good with all of you. We've got a few events on our calendars coming up ... Blessing of the Animals at All Saints on October 3 is one. But meanwhile we're feeling a nap coming on. The only question is ... who's going to make it to the bed first????

Ready, set, GO!

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