Friday, October 16, 2009

Training Camp

Today was Training Camp Day at our house. First of all Connie let Juno smell the training treats ... yum, yum!

Then we worked on one of the basics: COME!

Good dog, Juno!

Then we worked on "STAY!"

And a little remedial "DOWN!"

Meanwhile, you can't help wondering what's going on in LUNA'S head here ... I'm thinking it's:
1 - "I wonder if there are more of those treats in there???"
2 - "Can I get them out and not get caught?"

Overall, a good morning. Juno seems to be figuring it out and had plenty of energy and was engaged in the process. Now we've got our homework to do over the next two weeks.
But right now, everyone is following the same command: Ready, Set ... "NAP!"

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