Friday, June 12, 2009


Yep ... a year old today (more or less.) We're not EXACTLY sure when my birthday is, but what we DO know is ...

... that I joined my new family when I was 10 weeks old on August 19th (here's a picture of me THEN:)

And if we count back ten weeks that puts my birthday just about NOW! (And this is a picture of me today ... what a difference a year makes!)

Anyway, today's the day we're celebrating ME ... tomorrow they'll get back to worrying about the holes I've dug in the backyard, the kitty I can't seem to remember not to chase and all my other transgressions. But today they're just fussing over me and making my birthday a VERY happy one ... (and they can keep THAT up as long as they want!)
So Happy Birthday to ME!

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