Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look what the stork brought to OUR house!

Last night, when my moms got home from the movie they went to see ("Brideshead Revisited" ... not as good as the book or miniseries but they liked it anyway) they came home to a BIG surprise ...


Turns out they were less surprised than I was ... they at least new she was coming because it turned out they'd been talking to Chuck up at Husky Camp (that's where I came from) and they had two rescue puppies (a boy and a girl) who were Malberians (that's 1/2 Malamute and 1/2 Siberian) who needed a home.
So they decided on the girl ... and I guess they were going to tell me EVENTUALLY ... but they thought they had a little time to break it to me because they were going to go pick her up from Chuck. And lo and behold Chuck showed up at the front door and dropped her off to save us a trip!
Life as we knew it officially ended at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 19th.
So we hurried up and got a bed ready for her (the crate was sill needing cleaned out after being stuck back in the garage since I outgrew it) ...

She still had stiches from getting spayed (I'm sure glad I was too young to remember all that!) so she had a bandage around her belly.

I'm honestly not sure quit WHAT I think about all this and I'm giving myself a little time to get used to the idea.
Don't get me wrong ... I like the idea of someone to play with and I believe them when they tell me the reason they wanted another dog was because I'm so fabulous that they want another sweet one like me. And I know no other dog will ever replace Harvey but I do get lonely being the only dog sometimes ... and she IS pretty cute ...

But she's going to have to learn a thing or two ... and thing NUMBER ONE is that this is MY chaise lounge ...

and it's going to stay that way.

24 hours down ... a lifetime to go. Stay tuned!
PS -- What did we name her???? Oh yeah ... Juno.
And -- BTW -- August 19 would have been my Grandma Betty's birthday so I'm wondering if she didn't have something to do with the timing on all this, being a puppy person and all!
You never know!!!

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Cany said...

Ah, this is GREAT! I know Chuck--have for a while--and boy, is she teriffic! I am in rescue, also... tell her Sherry in OC (who rescued from Bakersfield for quite a while!) said Hi!

congrats on the great new baby!

Watched the videos:)