Sunday, January 06, 2008

LUNA: All politics all the time

It's all politics, all the time at our house ... and I'm pretty much over it.
I mean, I know it's all important stuff. At least that's what my moms tell me. But really ... how many times can the same people NOT answer the same questions and expect everybody to hang on every word?

Not me. I'm napping through this one ... and frankly, they all looked so tired I'll bet they wished they were on the couch with me instead of on yet-another red-white-&-blue sound stage trying to figure out how to make the message they want to give fit the questions they're getting asked.
It kind of feels like a great big game to me -- but the stakes are sure higher than catch-the-frisbee or toss-the-tennis ball at the dog park. I guess if a dog can figure that out then so can the people in charge of making the decisions, but they didn't do so good at that last time, did they?

That's why even if we're napping on the couch, we're keeping one eye on the TV and one eye on the countdown clock ...

Can't come soon enough for us!

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