Sunday, September 02, 2007


We just couldn't resist commenting on JUST HOW HOT IT IS!!!

"How hot IS it?" you ask ...

Exhibit A:
The Thermometer on Our Patio


It is LITERALLY one-hundred-and-ten-in-the-shade ... and there is nothing to be done for it but to wait it out and thank God for the air conditioning!!!

We each kind of did our own thing today ... Luna caught up on current events by watching the Sunday morning shows.

(She thinks the Dems have a good chance of picking up the Virginia Senate seat now that John Warner is stepping down.)

Harve staked out a spot just under the air conditioning vent in the bedroom and hasn't moved all day.

Our mom Louise spent most of the day with the New York Times ... a big chunk of it in the Travel Section -- looking for someplace cooler we think!

And our mom Susan had one eye on the TV and one eye on the laptop ... although she did manage to polish the stuff on the mantle and put some new flowers out --

She said it makes her feel cooler when it's clean around here.


We don't care HOW clean it is ...

When's it's ONE HUNDRED AND TEN IN THE SHADE it's just TOO DARNED HOT!!!! (Even for the Dog Park!!!)

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