Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More From Oahu

Sounds like everything is going great in Hawaii ... the moms are sending pictures and we're posting them up as we have the chance. They DID get to see the end of The Sopranos on Sunday night ... still kind of trying to figure that one out, evidently. Not sure what we'll do on Sunday nights at our house now that THAT one is over -- it was kind of a family ritual to gather around the TV and watch our mom Susan spend most of the hour with her head buried under a pillow 'cuz she doesn't "do" violent TV. Whatever!

Anyway, one of the things the moms "neglected" to mention about this trip to Hawaii was that they were going to be seeing other animals while they were away! We guess we're OK with that ... as long at they're cats and not dogs. (We'd be drawing the line if we were stuck in doggie day care and they were rubbing some other dog's tummy in Hawaii!) This is Hooker ... of Hooker and Cranmer fame ... the kitties they're kitty-sitting while in Honolulu:

But when not kitty-sitting they went sightseeing ... and on Monday decided to "do" the Waikiki/Honolulu area ... starting out at the:

Where there was a great beach ...

Lots of surfing scenery ...

And it was easy to catch the "Tourist Trolley" to loop around the city and see stuff ....

Like this famous beach with the Duke the Famous Surfer statue:

And King Kamehameha -- still with his flower leis all over him from his holiday which was this last weekend and there were lots of parades and stuff. (He and Queen Emma are in Lesser Feasts and Fasts, you know. Check 'em out!)

And finally St. Andrew's Episcopal Church ... Cathedral ... built a really long time ago out of stone from Europe which shippers brought over here as ballast on their ships which they ditched on the beach when they got here to load up and take other stuff back -- so the church builders used the stones to build the church ... pretty cool, eh?

More to come ... today we think they're going shopping and then to a Hula show ... with a Luau scheduled for Wednesday and some Integrity gig on Thursday. Never a dull moment in Blue Hawaii!
Meanwhile, we think maybe it's time for our dip in the pool here at Dig My Dog. (We complain about being in Day Care just to make the moms feel a little guilty ... actually, we love it and Aunt Lundi and her people take REALLY good care of us.) More later ... thanks for checking in!

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